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YOU can check out The BELTA blog at its new online location


It’s quite similar, the only difference is, if I’ve dropped the extension in the URL. THAT’S IT… nothing drastic 🙂

o, and now you can join a forum / community chat to inquire, discuss, and learn about the various aspects pertaining to living and teaching abroad right from people who have done just that.


See you over there! And tell a friend and a stranger too :)D


Wet n Wild – Toxic Free Beauty

I went to the states last month and was so elated because I could FINALLY get what I needed and wanted for beauty and hair (video coming soon). Of course through research and the price point I am loving the Wet n Wild brand. I got the blue had me at hello palette and 4 matte lipsticks. After returning to SK, I watched Hey Fran Hay’s video (see below) on her choices for toxic free beauty. She usually uses concoctions that she’s created herself but this video focused on what is available to all who dont do the DIY process. For those who like playing with makeup, def try and get all of your items BEFORE you get on the plane because odds are you WONT find the colors you’re looking for out here. Most of the eye shadow available is shimmering and the foundations / bb creams are all fair and extra fair with pink undertones.

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes for $5.00

As I was watching my daily YouTube videos, I came across one where the girl did a UK Swap. She lives in Australia and mentioned she couldn’t find the Real Techniques brushes locally and had to order them from Well, what did I do? I went immediately over to And voila, it was true, they were there. The face set and eye set both retail for $17.99. And since I had  a rewards amount of $33.00, I ended up paying $5.00 and that was for 1-3 days shipping. I’M SOOOOOOO HAPPY. I have been hawking these brushes for about 2 weeks now.

I just wanted to tell somebody so I figured I’d tell my blog visitors and subscribers 🙂 Share in the happiness! O AND winter camp is over and I’m starting my journey home at 3pm… Ice Cube said it best, “to-day was a good day”

*If you want to buy from and don’t have a code, use IVO319 on your first order. $10.00 off on purchases $40 and over; $5.00 off under $40 purchases.

This is the video I was watching.

Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial while living abroad

I had been nervous to actually try this on my ridiculously oily face, however one day I mustered up the nerve and gave it a shot. I never looked back. It totally eliminates the excess oil on my face and has cut my breakouts about 90%. It has created a glow on my skin that I usually only get when tanning and had back in high school. I will no longer buy ANY facial cleansing products as these 3 oils and maybe Extra Virgin Oilve Oil is all I need to clean and moisturize my face.

I made sure to keep this video short since the last one was so long. So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can leave a comment or email me –


South Korea Beauty Haul

FYI – The music is a bit loud from the beginning. Start your volume low and then increase. Sorry bout that 🙂