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YOU can check out The BELTA blog at its new online location


It’s quite similar, the only difference is, if I’ve dropped the extension in the URL. THAT’S IT… nothing drastic 🙂

o, and now you can join a forum / community chat to inquire, discuss, and learn about the various aspects pertaining to living and teaching abroad right from people who have done just that.


See you over there! And tell a friend and a stranger too :)D


Secret of a Passionate English Language Teacher



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I still get nervous butterflies before meeting a new class

I still get nervous butterflies when introducing a new lesson. You never know how its going to go over with the class. If you explanation will go right. If they understand. If they will get what you intend for them to get from the lesson.

I wonder if veterans can vouch if this ever goes away… Guess I’ll find out in time :0

@25 and conscious World traveler

Meet Ebony Chante. My friend currently living in South Korea. Listen as she shares her pov on traveling vs. grad school, metaphysics and travel and the relation between the two, and her understanding of how travel has helped to shape her life.

reach Ebony at and visit her Natural hair site at

Field trip to cave and first time wearing a twist out to school in South Korea

They didn’t let us take photos inside the cave but it was truly magical. I mean we went alll the way inside the cave. The mountains you see in the photos below, yea I’ve been in them. O and the best part was despite the overly FREEZING temp outside, inside the cave it got so hot I took my scarf off (which NEVER comes off) and was on the verge of taking my jacket off. Everything from 9 meter deep pools of fresh water to stone formations ranging from looking like faces and there was even a formation that looked like a monk that people donated money to in the box they placed there just for that reason. It was a really cool experience to witness first-hand.

As for my hair, the photo was taken after we got back to school and all the twist had peaced out in the front. I showed up and I got a range of reactions from the kids. At first, I think they were shocked but as the day went on I saw some of them just looking and not in a bad way. I got a couple of “hair change-ee?” and “o, good hairstyle.” My co-teacher Eun-Hee asked about it early in the am and complimented me which made me feel good. Vice principal I think was stunned cause he kept looking at me but always smiling, which if you know him, that’s really good. LOL All in all, I’m really glad I finally wore it out. Despite the different ways I was trying to partially cover it this morning, I’m glad none of them worked and I just said whatever and left the house. I foresee more exposures ahead. (and fyi for naturals coming to korea – you’ve never experienced hair shrinkage like you will in the winter in South Korea).



Black Women and Politics – Angela Davis sits with Melissa Harris-Perry

I hope you like this Grandma & Aunt Jessie 🙂