Beware: Fraud while searching online for teaching opportunities overseas

 I write this message

5 minutes after getting off of the phone with my bank. I logged on just curious about the #’s and noticed 1 pending transaction on my account. I thought this i

sn’t possible because I’ve frozen my card, literally in the freezer. I then called and was informed there had been an attempt to make a $365.00 airfare charg

e on AIR CHINA through on my card on February 22nd, however, that wasn’t the charge I saw, I saw the $2.00 fee that was still pending. In total, someone almost got me for $367.00.

In particular, to those of you seeking to apply somewhere overseas to teach, etc. ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY download and open documents from a reputable agency and/or source. Don’t

find a random site and start downloading because I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to me. They were able to get  my info. by a bug planted in a downloadable document that allowed whoever to see my bank info. I wanted to post this in case someone, like me who does hours upon hours upon hours of online research when researching something they want to know more information about TO BE CAREFUL. I always thought I WAS taking caution by “quitting” my site and logging off, but that means NOTHING.

This is a warning to you and a wake-up call to me to chill out and from now on I will ONLY  be opening docs from either MY recruiter or the Govn’t. office itself. I hope this helps!