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  1. Diisha

     /  08/24/2012

    I’m in Daejeon.
    I am enjoying your blog. Even my friends back home are. I didn’t update much with my blog or facebook because I don’t like either as my tools of communication. I like looking at blogs but not following or updating them.
    Keep up the great work.

    • LOL Im JUST now seeing these, maybe 30 mins AFTER I met you at final dinner. Thanks for checking it out and hopefully we’ll be able to link up sometime

  2. Hey, I love your blog. Thanks for sharing stories over there, as well as the EPIK process. I still have a question about the application process though: I need to get my degree notarized, and I’ve read on other blogs that a copy (or 2) of the degree is what should be notarized, instead of the original. Yet I went to my bank today and they turned me away because I needed to get the copies notarized. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a step somewhere? I would love it if you could give me a less confusing answer than I’m receiving at the moment. Thanks!

  3. Hey, I’m back again with another concern: I’m still in the process of getting all my paperwork done before applying to EPIK, but I’ve been thinking about the interview with EPIK. Do you remember what interview questions you were asked? What kind of questions should I be prepared for? (Or if you know another blog that has this answer, could you please send me a link) Thanks!

  4. Candice

     /  04/29/2013

    I am moving to Donghae in June all the way from South Africa!! This blog is amazing!

  5. Kemet

     /  01/14/2014

    First, i love your background..As a fellow sista of color I really enjoy your blog. You are one of few people of African descent who writes about their experiences teaching abroad and black. I plan on teaching in s. korea soon. I want to know if overtime hours are made available to teachers who wish to do so. Thanks, and please keep blogging.

    • My best friend and I are also starting the process to move to S. Korea. I hope to meet some of you ladies!


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