The BELTA blog has a new URL location




YOU can check out The BELTA blog at its new online location


It’s quite similar, the only difference is, if I’ve dropped the extension in the URL. THAT’S IT… nothing drastic 🙂

o, and now you can join a forum / community chat to inquire, discuss, and learn about the various aspects pertaining to living and teaching abroad right from people who have done just that.


See you over there! And tell a friend and a stranger too :)D


World traveler shares 10 travel tips for female solo travelers


@25 and conscious World traveler

Meet Ebony Chante. My friend currently living in South Korea. Listen as she shares her pov on traveling vs. grad school, metaphysics and travel and the relation between the two, and her understanding of how travel has helped to shape her life.

reach Ebony at and visit her Natural hair site at

Happy New Year – 2014 – 140 characters… literally


I’m back… Visit

So the Belta Blog has sat for a semester now and is serving its purpose for people interested in teaching in Korea.


However, I since realized that I wanted a blog that wasn’t targeted to one specific thing, or one specific place. So Live Free Mia Mor was born.

If you come on over to my new spot, it’s more along the lines of who I’ve become due to this RAPID and MASSIVE year of transformation, what interests me NOW, and of course lots of talk related to travel and the world.

Check it out…

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