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It’s quite similar, the only difference is, if I’ve dropped the extension in the URL. THAT’S IT… nothing drastic 🙂

o, and now you can join a forum / community chat to inquire, discuss, and learn about the various aspects pertaining to living and teaching abroad right from people who have done just that.


See you over there! And tell a friend and a stranger too :)D


Secret of a Passionate English Language Teacher



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I still get nervous butterflies before meeting a new class

I still get nervous butterflies when introducing a new lesson. You never know how its going to go over with the class. If you explanation will go right. If they understand. If they will get what you intend for them to get from the lesson.

I wonder if veterans can vouch if this ever goes away… Guess I’ll find out in time :0

Personalized Skype Chats about moving to and living in South Korea



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Happy New Year – 2014 – 140 characters… literally


Grandfather’s Heartbeat

I did harmony drawings during Winter Camp. I play a certain kind of music and they draw whatever comes to mind. (You can tie in English by having them use adjectives, etc. to describe what they drew.)

I went to this student and asked him what it was. He (his friend) told me it was his grandfather’s heartbeat. His grandfather is in the hospital.

A lot of the times we forget as Guest English Teachers that these students have lives outside of the classroom and we don;t really know whats going on with them emotionally or physically because of the language difference. I was glad he got the opportunity to express himself and release what was on his mind.