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Late last week one of my most energetic students was discussing her love for what us foreigners in Korea call “hangover soup.” She yelled, “teacher do you know [insert the name here – i cant remember it for the life of me]…?” I said NO.

After class about 4-5 of my students were walking with me in the hallway. One randomly said teacher we should go eat together and to their surprise… and mine… I said. OK! They all stopped in their tracks and said REALLY????!!!!

So, yesterday, me, Yoo Chung, Eun Sol, Da Hee, Ye Jin, Ye In, and Jung Won headed to the restaurant after class. We took 2 taxis, one of which I paid for AFTER HAVING TO DEMAND IT to Jung Won (so sweet!)

I ordered the spiciest version (so did Jung Won) and we all ate soup, talked about their dreams, classes, their thoughts on the education systems, and soccer. They informed me this was their first time dining out with a foreigner and that they all had a really good time. Even Ye In who wasn’t even in our class but I guess wanted to be apart of the experience. And it’s one I will most likely never forget! Thanks Ladies!!


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