Real Techniques Makeup Brushes for $5.00

As I was watching my daily YouTube videos, I came across one where the girl did a UK Swap. She lives in Australia and mentioned she couldn’t find the Real Techniques brushes locally and had to order them from Well, what did I do? I went immediately over to And voila, it was true, they were there. The face set and eye set both retail for $17.99. And since I had  a rewards amount of $33.00, I ended up paying $5.00 and that was for 1-3 days shipping. I’M SOOOOOOO HAPPY. I have been hawking these brushes for about 2 weeks now.

I just wanted to tell somebody so I figured I’d tell my blog visitors and subscribers 🙂 Share in the happiness! O AND winter camp is over and I’m starting my journey home at 3pm… Ice Cube said it best, “to-day was a good day”

*If you want to buy from and don’t have a code, use IVO319 on your first order. $10.00 off on purchases $40 and over; $5.00 off under $40 purchases.

This is the video I was watching.

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  1. Maggie Smith

     /  01/16/2013

    Yes! Thank you for this! I’m about to get on iherb right now 🙂


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