Quick message for EPIK/GEPIK intake teachers for Spring 2013

First, let me say Congrats! I remember last year this time I was just beginning my research about the programs across the world. I came across EPIK and all the perks and then decided to work with KORVIA as my recruiter which was a great decision, so either if you did directly or through a recruiter, I KNOW the relief you feel now that your locations are starting to roll in.

Of course there are the common concerns of what to pack, what kind of apartment you COULD get, what grade level you will get and I am only equipped to really help you answer ONE of those questions, but my message to you is this…

Now I understand quite a few of you are probably in your early 20’s which traveling to South Korea to LIVE for a year seems like an awesome 12-month spring break that you can’t wait to begin but regardless of your age, something in the following can definitely speak to some part of you.

Spending time in Korea to teach will at times SUCK not be what you expected. Depending on your city, your location (yes they are 2 different things), your grade level, your school(s), your co-teacher(s), your principal, your vice-principal, the cafeteria food, having your students stare at you when you talk or completely check out all together, your inability to find out when your camp really starts so you can book your trips, your neighbors, your students, your support system, your clothes when winter hits, your frustration that you can tutor on the side to make more money, and I can go on and on with more, trust me. HOWEVER, there are massive amounts of positives that will come from this experience in your life. I say to you, be as open as you think you can and once you think you’ve reached that point, open up more. My personal testimony includes giving up eating meat, learning myself for who I really am, tapping into my spiritual self and embracing solitude to be a better person for the people in my life, when back in August 2012 I thought I was just coming here to teach. And also, take the time now, while you have it, to spend actual, physical time with your family and friends. Some days while you’re out here, being away from your loved ones will get to you and you will think back on those days wishing you hadn’t been so consumed about preparing, packing and leaving. The time will come before you know it. Don’t rush it!

But again, congratulations on the next 12 you are about to experience and I wish you much success and personal growth. And who knows, our paths may meet this year… Catch me at Mud Fest. I know you’ll be there too 😉

(What to pack post coming soon…)

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  1. Kris

     /  01/16/2013

    Hi Belta/Mia.

    I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding an english teacher I’m looking for. 🙂 I hope you could help me out.

    Thank you.

  2. Stacy

     /  01/25/2013

    Thank you! Looking forward to the packing post! Hopefully I’ll see you in Gangwon! Can’t wait to get there!



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