Field trip to cave and first time wearing a twist out to school in South Korea

They didn’t let us take photos inside the cave but it was truly magical. I mean we went alll the way inside the cave. The mountains you see in the photos below, yea I’ve been in them. O and the best part was despite the overly FREEZING temp outside, inside the cave it got so hot I took my scarf off (which NEVER comes off) and was on the verge of taking my jacket off. Everything from 9 meter deep pools of fresh water to stone formations ranging from looking like faces and there was even a formation that looked like a monk that people donated money to in the box they placed there just for that reason. It was a really cool experience to witness first-hand.

As for my hair, the photo was taken after we got back to school and all the twist had peaced out in the front. I showed up and I got a range of reactions from the kids. At first, I think they were shocked but as the day went on I saw some of them just looking and not in a bad way. I got a couple of “hair change-ee?” and “o, good hairstyle.” My co-teacher Eun-Hee asked about it early in the am and complimented me which made me feel good. Vice principal I think was stunned cause he kept looking at me but always smiling, which if you know him, that’s really good. LOL All in all, I’m really glad I finally wore it out. Despite the different ways I was trying to partially cover it this morning, I’m glad none of them worked and I just said whatever and left the house. I foresee more exposures ahead. (and fyi for naturals coming to korea – you’ve never experienced hair shrinkage like you will in the winter in South Korea).



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  1. grandma

     /  02/09/2013

    Love your hair-did you dye it?


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