South Korea Beauty Haul

FYI – The music is a bit loud from the beginning. Start your volume low and then increase. Sorry bout that 🙂

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  1. I have happened upon your blog via a few others, and I really enjoy your posts. Especially those about the beauty products. I have also found, much to my disappointment, that Skin Food is a racket, and wasn’t the organic-based products it claims. I have, as you posted about in a more recent posts, diverted to Iherb to purchase essential oils and products to tailor a skin and hair regime that will ease the transition. I lived in SK 5 years ago, but was naive in my return about the harsh transition. I am finishing my 3rd month in Ulsan, and the transition compared with the crazy-cold temperatures (I moved here from Oregon, but was still unprepared for this weather) is wreaking havoc on my hair (I am shedding more and until recently buying tea tree oil, was broke out like I was 14 again). Anyhow enough of my goings on, and thanks for the posts. Look forward to reading more…


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