Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial while living abroad

I had been nervous to actually try this on my ridiculously oily face, however one day I mustered up the nerve and gave it a shot. I never looked back. It totally eliminates the excess oil on my face and has cut my breakouts about 90%. It has created a glow on my skin that I usually only get when tanning and had back in high school. I will no longer buy ANY facial cleansing products as these 3 oils and maybe Extra Virgin Oilve Oil is all I need to clean and moisturize my face.

I made sure to keep this video short since the last one was so long. So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can leave a comment or email me – beltalove27@gmail.com



3 reasons NOT to move to South Korea

1. Germs

2. Weather

3. Kimchi & Rice quantities

1. Once you step foot off the plane, you may notice, especially if you’re from the states that most people here sneeze AND cough without covering their mouth. You may think its just a thing because they have bags in their hands OR they couldn’t reach in time… but I’m here to tell you otherwise. It took me a whole semester to get maybe 60% of my kids to cover their mouths without thinking about it or being reminded. You are bound to get sick, and when that time happens all you can think about is how that germ literally TRAVELED FROM someone elses insides into your nose canal or mouth and set up shop INSIDE of you. Nice thought isn’t it?!

2. I start this by saying, I went to Syracuse. I’m talking 4 12-month periods in what I usually refer to as the tundra. Well I’ve got news for you AND the “tundra,” this weather thats poppin over here is on an arctic level and it’s nothing to ____ with. You could come from the coldest part of the states and still not be ready for THIS type of cold. This out here makes no sense. Last week I heard about the -50 degree weather Russia was having and thought…  then we must be at -20 because I’ve felt NOTHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE. This is NOT for the weak or someone with health issues (like Anemia) where cold weather would cause a problem. O and regular heat inside of buildings is a thing of the past once you cross over that water. The heat may be turned on however working in cement buildings makes the inside colder than outside which the heating systems here DO NOT AND CAN NOT maintain warmth inside. Think Hard about it… seriously.

3. Koreans dont have breakfast in the way most westerners think of breakfast. Yes, they eat but they eat rice and kimchi. “What is for lunch today? O, rice and kimchi with various side dishes… ok great. Eating anything special for dinner? O, no? Just rice and kimchi? ok” Repeat this process 365 days of the year. Coming from the states and ESPECIALLY L.A., not having a variety of foods available at all times of the day and night is something I didn’t think existed anywhere on this planet. I was so used to it, however I now have witnessed and see that this is for real in not just korea but in MANY parts of the world. The diversity that I valued but didn’t place on a pedestal is now something I truly miss and mainly because of the food. You can go to Itaewon to get international cuisine but if you live outside of Seoul, that’s an hour – 5 hour ride for you. I haven’t eaten in the school cafeteria since September. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Korean food but I cant manage to eat rice and kimchi every single day at the same time, every-single-day. My advice, pack a lunch.

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South Korea Beauty Haul

FYI – The music is a bit loud from the beginning. Start your volume low and then increase. Sorry bout that 🙂

Yas GAWD, My hair is layed like Merry Christmas


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Seoul for the Soul – South Korean War Memorial Museum visit

korea cream of wheat

Us visiting the Korean War Memorial in Seoul. However, I felt it necessary to flaunt my box of cream of wheat which I’ve been wanting for 5 months now. #SCORE

In front of the dome outside in the blistering snow
In front of the dome outside in the blistering snow

Eating authentic Indian cuisine at Taj Palace in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea
Eating authentic Indian cuisine at Taj Palace in Itaewon, Seoul, South Koreahandskorean flag

at the South Korean War Memorial Museum
at the South Korean War Memorial Museum




photos taken by Jag Harris