What South Korean Students know about American Music

So, it being Friday and all I chose to introduce a few music videos to my 6th graders. No big deal as I figured they would know the typical names thrown around the world. After writing “What do you know about American Music?” on the board, I got answers like “rock. you raise me up (which immediately made me laugh thinking about DanceWorks days at ‘cuse); Michael Jackson; Madonna; Justin Beiber; Lady Gaga; Insomnia; Over the rainbow; Everyday I’m shufflin’; and a few more that escape me at the moment.

So I had students write “We think it was ? and ?” practicing their usage of “What do you know about?” and “I think____”

Video #1 was PSY and MC Hammer

Video #2 was M.J. – Smooth Criminal (the full 10 min version)

Video #3 was Beyonce – Let’s Move

Video #4 was Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger.

The day had been going along fine when my overly exposed to pop and western culture boys of 6-2 came in. Tae Min (one of my faves) came in with his deep raspy and loud voice and said “O O O, American Music” and proceeded to point it out to the funniest kid (and my other fave) in 6th grade Chun E. They realize what it says and run up to me…

Chun E stops dead in his tracks standing 1 foot away from me and says “O Mia Teacher, American Music?! FUCK THE POLICE” fuck-the-police-women-s-t-shirt-625

When I tell you I had a split second where I wanted to scream, but I quickly found the adult in me and said “what?” he of course said it again. I said “NO Don’t say that. That’s bad!” They then started to say it in a way that wasn’t the way N.W.A. had intended and I turned around a left. I CANT!

As the class went on, I couldn’t believe what had just happened and was pretty much in shock for the rest of the day.

Reason 241234 why I will most certainly miss my 6th graders come February!

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  1. tg

     /  12/10/2012

    WOW-shows how things can get mixed up!


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