Korean Men must have wealth and “flash” to find love

As Korean culture becomes ever more popular throughout the world, with Korean romantic dramas in particular finding millions of fans in Asia, it may come as a shock to some that “cars and property” are listed by many Korean women as two of the most important factors when looking for love.

During a “Korean Drama special” version of a popular dating show that aired in China last week, fans of Korea’s heartwarming love stories had their dreams smashed by Korean men and women who gave their honest opinions of the state of love and romance in their homeland. Rather than handsome young men in suits plucking plain-faced girls from the crowd or rogueish artists finding love with the understanding girl next-door, cash, cars and cribs factored into the equation for more than Chinese audiences had been led to believe, filling the studio with gasps and the sound of broken dreams scattering across the floor...

“The reason I was dumped by my last girlfriend,” a strapping young Korean man told the Chinese audience, “was that I didn’t have a car and a home of my own. Her parents were completely against us being together.”

Ouch! As a man who proposed to his wife when he was getting by on just US$900 a month from part-time jobs, I don’t think I’d have been so lucky had I been living in Korea…

According to Record China, an estimated 80% of Korean men lacking the necessary assets find it difficult to find a wife, with most men working desperately throughout their twenties in order to save the cash required to put themselves in the running.

But it’s not just the women who are all about the money, according to the TV show’s guests:

“Unlike in the dramas, it’s rare for Korean men to treat their ladies to dinner; usually when we eat out, we split the bill or pay just for what we each ate.”

Wait? So no roses on the table and young men in designer suits handing over their platinum credit cards at the end of the meal? Needless to say, the Chinese TV show’s audience were left feeling rather forlorn when they heard that their neighbours to the south weren’t quite the romantic gentlemen the dramas had led them to believe.


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  1. tg

     /  11/20/2012

    WOW-Who would have thought it-Makes men in the U.S. seem like Prince’s & not so bad.


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