Prune Juice and Fish Sticks

*Personal post to follow*

My food troubles have proven to be a larger issue than I planned for since I’ve been in Korea. First the food poisoning.  Then the “I can’t eat ANY more rice” vow I made about 3 weeks ago. THEN, I finally found western food and was happy about it although it costs an arm, leg, mouth and foot, I HAD to buy what I could because otherwise I’d be eating air as some of my 5th graders say.


When I got to my apartment the lady before me left quite a bit of things like blankets, pillows, towels, and even some food. I was very grattful. She was also a cook so she left primarily seasonings, utensils, and the like. However, after looking in the fridge initially I saw a bottle of Prune Juice which immediately made me wonder.

Fast Forward…

My life time supply of angel hair pasta came and shrimp alfredo was on thee menu. However since that was the only thing I ate for 3 days straight you can guess my need for prune juice now.

I say all this majorly personal testimony TO SAY, when coming to Korea, you will eat the food at first, during orientation and what not. Some days you will want to rip your stomach out and some days you will be happy you showed up to the dining hall. Once you are given the SAME food for more than a month and a half, you WILL want to find and cook your own food. This urge and sometimes binge eating may cause you digestive issues so be prepared if you can. The pharmacy I went to for some aspirin definitely had a whole section of prune juice and prunes dead front and center so it ain’t just me having “issues” and its not enough foreigners in the area for them to invest in “prune juice from California.”

My advice when traveling is to take a pack of prunes with you if you can or find some 100% prune juice with you because we all like to feel free!


*End of personal post*

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  1. tg

     /  10/19/2012

    send a safe mailing address and I will send you some food.



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