Chuseok in Hawaii

For one of Korean’s biggest National holidays, I left. LOL I went back to the U.S. technically. My honey love surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. It was amazing to say the LEAST. I had never been there before and absolutely loved it. Could see us living there at some point honestly.

Now of course this is my traveling blog but at the request of my someone special, I’ve been asked to keep our personal stuff personal which was actually my plan anyways. However, I’ve decided to show you the more scenic pictures just to give a small glimpse in my experience in paradise.

If you’ve never been, please go. It is beautiful! We stayed on Waikiki beach, we saw where Obama lived with his grandmother and drove in a 2-seater moped/go cart looking thing on the highway all the way to Haunamana Bay (thats spelled all wrong. sorry) We went snorkeling and spied on fishes, danced to neo-soul in an Egyptian themed club and ate Teddy’s TWICE. Hawaii…. I love you. We WILL be back!

My trip started with a Jamba Juice in the Incheon airport which I havent had in a year plus. I knew this trip was gonna be great

Ocean View from our window

The lagoon we swam and played in on our last day

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  1. tg

     /  10/07/2012

    What a great surprise to hear you were able to go to Hawaii. I’ve been there twice and can see why you love it , it’s paradise especially if you like nature. I know you were glad to
    see Ronny.


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