The South Korean Fried Chicken Myth

Alright. Let’s get down to business…

Now this topic is quite a big deal to me. Before I set food on this land, I heard ALLLL about how GREAT the fried chicken was here in South Korea. Like people RAVE about it ALL across this country and have spread this “news” around the world. Even the other day, my boyfriend tells me his boy is married to a Korean woman and she makes bomb fried chicken.

I can’t.

My story with this topic begins in Donghae. I had my first chicken in Donghae and it was lack luster AT BEST. The second time I had it I was tipsy off Soju which should mean all tastes should be enhanced by 20, but to my surprise the chicken we scarfed down at about 11:30 pm on a school night had NO flavor. The third time I had fried chicken was in Seoul. Again, taste buds had been doused in apple soju and I was excited…. but you can guess the rest.

I HAVE YEEEETTTTT TO HAVE BOMB OR EVEN GOOD FRIEND CHICKEN IN KOREA. There is one place in my town that is well known for their chicken and I really want to try it but I might have to ask for mine to be cooked fresh because of this whole food poison thing. I’m paranoid now (as I should be). It’s called, get this… “Mama’s Touch”    *side face not eye* riiiiiight?!

I will say this, the technique and consistency of the crust is good. Yes it is. However, there is no flavor in IT or on the chicken. Which equals NOT GOOD fried chicken. Kapeesh?!

I was talking to an old CELTA classmate who ironically just left teaching in Donghae before I met him and he said something so prfound and so honest that it changed my whole outlook of what to expect. He said, “Korean fried chicken is good, but you’re not gonna get down south fried chicken. That’s not there”

BINGO. And there it is there. I mean its not even Golden Bird on a bad day. And I like spice so you can guess it was all over when I started staring at the meat looking for some colored specs or something.

Anywho, I’ll let you know if Mama really does have the touch or if she’s just playin’ games too.

(Hiiii Aunt Jessie and Cellina – I know you guys visit the blog so I wanted to send you a big “HEEEEEYYYY” MISS YOU)

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  1. grandma

     /  09/23/2012

    Hi from grandma:’s

    I did’nt like the look of those stones you have to walk on to cross the river to get to your
    job!!! One slip and your in the river. I don’t think the time saved is worth the risk. It’s
    no lifeguard to rescue you-I’m worried!

  2. grandma

     /  09/23/2012

    Never take anything for granted when your in a foreign country!!!

  3. I totally agree about the chicken. I tried it twice and don’t see what the hype is about! I love me some Southern fried chicken.


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