A Spicy Crispy Chicken meal and a side of food poisoning, Gastritis and Aaaaaaitis

Yes you read that RIGHT! I got food poisoning this past Thursday night.

From what? Was it the octopus and all kinds of seafood soup I had on Wednesday night? Strangely no, it wasn’t from that.

Was it the takgalbi I had extras of at school that day? Nope, not that either.

Was it the regular ass chicken sandwich with fries and a sprite that did it? Why yes, you are correct.

WTF. Who in the HELL left the gate open. When I tell you I thought it was all over, I thought it was ALL over. And while this post may have a humorous undertone to it, that Thursday night – Saturday night did not!

I realized something was wrong after eating and skyping my friend Brandi, that my stomach was oddly big and I felt like I had to burp but it just wouldn’t work. I tried going to sleep but that was for sure a lost cause. I was up all night either urling or releasing the other way. In between those two, there was a pain in my stomach that felt like nothing ever before. It felt like my intestines were getting charlie horses and wrapped around barb wire and would stay there for 30 second intervals. I’m really surprised my neighbors didn’t come over from the cries of pain all through the night. (I actually think thats a bad thing :/)

At first, I thought I would go to school like normal and ask Sook Jin to take me to the doctor. But 6 am came and I couldn’t take anymore. I knew I had woken her up but I was beyond scared at this point because I couldn’t retain water and had flashback after flashback of me and babe talking about those diseases people die from because they cant hold in water. I kept thinking, “Please God, not like this. Please let me get better. Please” (This may seem dramatic but I’m dead serious this is how it went down)

I called Sook Jin.  She was asleep. I muttered “I need to go to the hospital” After asking me if I could go by myself I had to get some base in my voice. She called back to say the real doctor doesn’t get there til 9 which I knew she was trying to convince me to wait. At that point I got a tad bit 8th ave and Vernon on her, (which happened at least 3 times during this whole ordeal). “Right Now” was all that I was going to say and frankly all I could say at this point.

She shows up and we go. Shes pattering her feet and I’m barely walking up right. She takes me to hospital #1, no doctor. WTFFFFFFF.

Hospital #2, doctor is there but they try and pull this same ass “real doctor comes at 9” shit and by this point ima go to jail for blowing some ‘ish up. At this point I was giving 100 and something and Figueroa. I was beyond my limit.

I laid down, play doctor came over, I explained, he understood, I laid down and he examined my stomach with his little hearing thing. “Gastritis & aaaaaitis” Thats what it sounded like. I knew I had poisoning but those are new words.

Went to the back real patient room, got a water drip in my hand and slept for 3 hours. Woke up and felt better. Went home and slept until Saturday morning. Was able to go across the street to buy water and juice and came back and laid down again. I’m feeling better and taking every drop of these meds they gave me.

Moral of this story – Cook your own food and NEVER eat Lotteria!!!! EVER

*Thank You Sook Jin – she even told another EPIK teacher in Donghae whom I’ve never met about me and she sent me a fb msg to offer help if I needed it.

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  1. Jasmine

     /  09/17/2012

    aw man, Mia. I know exactly how you feel, recently had a kidney infection, really really bad, and I was a mess. You’re right tho…this was pretty humorous, but know that you can laugh at it now (with me). Much love!


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