Typhoon Love

Ever hear the wind from a typhoon BEATING against your 17th story window at night when you can’t really see anything that’s going on? Oh no? Well, I have. Let me tell you about it.

So sitting at my desk, I peep one of my co-teachers looking on the computer at some sort of weather map. I can tell its current and I can tell its a big ___ storm in the vicinity of where we live. I hear her say something in Korean to my other co-teacher and then just grunt and look back at the screen. Soon after, I’m notified ANOTHER typhoon is on the way and this time it’s rollin’ through the east side of Korea, specifically in Gangwon-do. NICE!

As we sit there, the rain and I mean RAIN, starts to pour and I’m looking like oh boy. Now up until this point, I havent needed a sweater or any cloth on my body for that matter because it’s been so hot, but TODAY, all that changed. I was freezing and it got worse when we got outside to leave. She gave us a ride which was AWESOME, however, it was an A/C blasted ride nonetheless. Heat can defrost windows, right?

I get home, put on some sweats and sweater and head to the Lotteria to meet my co-teacher for some “hombuhguh.” We sat and talked and watched people get pushed and man-handled by the wind. I saw 2 foreigners, (probably EPIK teachers) walk past the window and really didn’t get excited. Sad but true.

After eating her cheeseburger and oreo mcflurry, my co-teacher was off to her aerobics class. (I’m actually physically laughing while I’m typing this just at the thought that she was serious about her class). I went to the corner store and got a couple of ramen’s and “copee” haagen dazs ice cream.

I made it home, logged onto a few sites right before hearing an apartment-wide message blaring from a convenient speaker located by my microwave. I got up and walked around this apt. trying to figure out WHO IS THIS MAN AND WHERE IS HIS VOICE COMING FROM. I swear, it was something out of a movie.

While, I’m not really nervous about the typhoon I AM aware and I really hope this joint passes through the night like a pimp on fig. because I can’t be involved with broken windows and water everywhere. I just can’t!

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