– great resource for South Korean culture

12  days away from boarding a plane and heading off to S.K., I’m starting to get back on my learning about South Korea kick. I fell off for about 2 weeks straight!  Of course I’ve been slacking on learning my phrases and words from but I haven’t wasted all of my time. I came across and absolutely love it. The creator, Keith who is from NYC and is documenting his life as a Korean-American living in Korea is funny, cool and I get his humor and appreciate his slang. I recently saw on one of his posts that he is running out of gas and is need of some “oomph” from his readers, subscribers, etc. Since I have no ends to donate to the cause, I thought I would do my part and show my appreciation by helping to plug his site. Many of the posts you have seen on BELTA have come from and I, like many of you are thankful for the information. FREE INFORMATION at that! Stuff like proper Korean table manners, dating in Korea, talking to strangers in Korea, appropriate body language between the opposite sex are just a few of what he offers in an entertaining way.

To check out Keith on YouTube, click

Visit for a slew of posts and VERY HELPFUL post full of info. for the curious mind.

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