Reason 2 and 3 why Korvia Consulting is the best

2. Yesterday morning, I woke up to an invite to attend a webinar next Monday evening about moving to South Korea from my recruiter. It will last about a hour, is conducted through powerpoint presentation and has all of their recruiters, CEO and fellow teachers on at one time to learn and ask questions.

 3. My recruiter, Rilee (she’s the best) requested me on FB. After peeping her timeline, I saw a pic and info. displaying our “welcome package” a.k.a. goodie bag we will receive when arriving at the airport. I’m so on it and so thankful to have this information. Korvia really does take CARE of their successful applicants and doesn’t make you feel like they’re just in it for the money and I LOVE that. For there to be both a webinar and for them to meet you at the airport with guidance and to meet you, shows they really do go above and beyond. I know plenty of businesses where once you’re successfully placed, that’s it, you’re on your own. But not with Korvia and I’m beyond glad I chose them as my recruiter.


Msg. on Rilee’s page…….

KorVia Goody bag for EPIK teachers~ Awesome!!
Hello Korvia-2012 Fall EPIK teachers,

We would like to inform you that Korvia has prepared a welcome package for you, which will be given to you upon arrival at Incheon airport.
This package will help you as you start your new life in Korea.

In this package, There will be,
Free pre-paid cell phone(included the Instruction manual), Charger, Scanned documentation CD, Korea Travel Guide, Korvia Bookmark and Korvia Pen(Souvenir), Korvia Party Coupon (*Please bring this free beer coupon to the Korvia party, held on the 22nd of September) SOMEBODY SAY PARTY?

Korvia recruiters will be waiting to greet you at Incheon airport when you arrive, so look out for us!

We look forward to welcoming you at Gate 1 booth No.8 next to EPIK booth inside the airport. Thank you^^

I’m sorry but this is the SHIT! Thanks Korvia.
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