Free Wifi in South Korea


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You’re traveling to Korea and looking for some free wifi hotspots you can leech off of. Starbucks, McDonalds, and even taxis offer free wifi, but for some reason, the passwords aren’t made so clear. Fear not. Here’s how you can unlock free wifi anywhere you go in Korea!

Korea has a number of popular routers that come with factory set passwords. Although people do change it, a surprising number of people leave the factory password as is. Many businesses and major corporations in Korea also regularly offer wifi, but don’t readily reveal their passwords. If you want to get free wifi in Korea, find the wifi name below and try out the password. It’s not guaranteed to work, but chances are high that you’ll be scoring some free wifi anywhere you go in Korea!

Wifi Spot Password
KT SSID , KT_WLAN 1234567890 | 123456789a | 1234567890c
HellowD (헬로우 디), Hellowireless, SO070VOIP 534f4b4354
Tbroadnet 123456789
Egg 택시 (taxi) SHOW3382
KWI-B2200T, KWI-2200 SHOW3382 | password
myLGnet, myLG070 123456789a | 987654321a | 1234567890 | myLGNetfe07
SK a123456789
Tbroadnet a123456789
세븐일레븐 (7-Eleven) 2127393302
맥도날드 (McDonalds) 16005252 (McDonald’s delivery phone number)
스타벅스 (Starbucks) Phone number of the starbucks you’re at (see receipt)
tobis 1234
iptime, anygate, zio, linksys no default passwords :(


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