Blog Highlight: Korean Students Speak

While browsing through the Korea related blogs as usual, one day I came across a blog that spoke volumes through the artwork / 1 statement sheets of paper written by Korea’s high school or middle school students. While the description of the blog states the blog itself is a project, I think it speaks to (a) much bigger issue(s) going on with the country and its school-aged children. Much of what you see on the site are honest confessions, feelings, hopes, wishes and frustrations from the hearts of children growing up in a society that FORCES them to over excel regardless if it means no childhood, no fun, and no sleep.

Not even a week ago, I posted a link to yet ANOTHER suicide of a South Korean child. He was 13 and as normally, most teen suicides in Korean are test-related, his was because of Bullying. Yes, there are many pictures on the site about that too!

I won’t say too much more, just have a look for yourself by clicking here and visiting Korean Students Speak.

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  1. tg

     /  08/28/2012

    Young people-The grass always looks greener in another yard-be sure your looking
    in depth at your problems.


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