Free cell phone in South Korea

well not really. Well actually, really if you’re a first time teacher with KORVIA Consulting AND you filled out their application on their website. I did and so I am looking forward to getting a pre-paid cell phone to hold me over until I can get my ARC (Alien Registration Card).

Pre-paid vs. Contract for cell phones are as below per the Korvia website

(Comparison between 1 year plan and prepaid service)

1 year Plan Prepaid
Period of Contract 12 month No limitation
Cost per 10 seconds 18won (10 sec) 37won (10 sec)
1 text message 20won (20bytes) 20won (20bytes)
Incoming call Free Free
Incoming Text Free Free
Payment (credit) Automatic Withdrawal from your bank account Recharge (Cash payment or Bank deposit)
Extra Benefit Fee Brand New Cell Phone
Worth 400,000won
No monthly free (proper to person who doesn’t make phone call more than 25,000won per month)

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  1. breyn86

     /  08/09/2012

    I was wondering about cell phone service out in Korea. I know has cell phone service with smart phones…9 month contract. The website (of course) suggests that you go with them because the regular service you may get with you ARC has 2 year contracts and costs a lot to cancel. Plus, you’ll have a phone as soon as you get to Korea. I am still trying to figure out what I’ll do…

    • I havent really heard anything positive about the arrival store. Try and see if anyone leaving SK is looking for someone to take over their contract. On BSSK on FB people are looking all the time. Thanks for visiting!


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