What they don’t tell you when first applying to EPIK


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In almost everything you can always find a bit of fine print. But after going through this EPIK applying process, I realize, there are a couple of things I had no clue would happen and was NOT informed until it was time to do it.

#1 – Pre-Orientation course. WTH? Where did THIS come from. I was never told nor did any of previous applicants mention this in their blogs, threads, postings, etc. I don’t know if this is brand new for this year but I HIGHLY doubt it. HIGHLY! While it wasn’t bad and actually was helpful in many ways, I was still kind of shocked to know there were 17 mini courses where you HAD to stay in them for at least 15 mins, take mini quizzes and THEN take a long test after it was all done. For me, I managed to not realize there was a long test at the end and ended up taking the test 10 days AFTER I took the classes and min-quizzes and having to take it straight from memory. 82% not bad eeehhh.

#2 – Post-Orientation course. I havent even taken nor have I looked at it yet… so I have no words about specifics but all I know is that I have until December to do it. I guess that’s what desk warming is for… right?!

#3 – 2 different locations for orientation. I mean I’ve done more research than the law allows and I NEVER came across a video / posting that noted the orientation was taking place at a location OTHER than Jeonju. Nevermind my research and excitement about getting Bibimbap from Jeonju where its known to be famous… No nevermind that. Now I’m in Daejeon, and while Daejeon is known to be super hi-tech, I can’t eat gadgets. O well….

#4 – Your flight reimbursement may hit your pockets 6 months AFTER you arrive… just depends on your school. ‘NUFF SAID.

#5 – The mandatory medical check is NOT free and YOU have to pay $100 dollars for it. So if you’re headed here with no ends, you better have at least $100  so you can get checked out.


I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that come to mind right now. Am I missing anything?


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