2 rooms and common area available for DNC 2012 in Charlotte, NC

We have 1 large guest room, 1 smaller guest room, 2 person futon in downstairs common area and common room floor space (if requested) available during the two weeks of the Democratic National Convention.
*Couch has been reserved*

Room #1 priced at $2,000 per/week or $300 p/night includes:
Queen size blow up mattress
Private Closet
TV w/ DirecTV
Clock Radio
Lamp + all additional amenities

Room #2 priced at $1,800 per/week or $275 p/night includes:
Twin blow up mattress
Private Closet + all additional amenities
*Room can sleep 2 people comfortably

2 person futon priced at $1,200 p/week or $250 p/night is housed in the common area and includes:
A half bathroom on the first floor + all additional amenities

Additional Amenities include:
2 desk work area with printer, photo printer and wifi
Washer & dryer
Backyard area
Central air
TV Downstairs
Punching Bag w/ gloves

Home has a pet rabbit housed in a separate area downstairs.
No Smoking allowed.
Privacy is a priority.
8.8 miles away from the TWC Arena in Downtown Charlotte = 19 mins driving time.
~7 mins away from Target, Walmart, FedEx Kinkos, Home Depot, Lowes, Walgreens, Ihop, Bank of America Branch, Wells Fargo branch, hospital, panda express, panera bread, cookout, starbucks, brueggers begals, and multiple restaurants and eating places.

Please visit our custom video of the available space by clicking the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oESRmLmdgw4&feature=colike

Contact us today at – mia2anita (at) gmail.com – with any inquiries, requests and availability.

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