Survival Korean pt. 2

Hello (Ahn Young Say Yo)

Nice to Meet You (Pahn Gahp Sim Knee Dah)

Thank You (Kahm Sahm Knee Dah)
Yes (Nay)        No (Ahn Knee Yo)
Long Time No See (Olay Mahn Knee Aye Yo)
Have you eaten? (Bap Mo Go Saw Yo)
How have you been? (Chal Chin Net Saw Yo)
Give me one please. (Hahna Mahn Jew Say Yo)
Give me two, please. (Due Gay Jew Say Yo)
To the right. (Oh Lin Joke Ah Lo)
To the left. (Win Joke Ah Lo)
Turn right.(Chai John Knee Yo)
Turn left. (Oo Way John Knee Yo)
Keep straight. (Jik Jin Knee Yo)
Here. (Yo Gee Yo)
See you next time. (Da Um BoWa Yo) or (Ta She BoWa Yo)
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