A Few Things tag

This post is inspired by Moo Moo Maggie’s blog post.

1. Close to 1,000 stickers purchased for the kiddies.

2. Still need to figure out what to get as gifts for co-teacher and VP.

3. 1.5 bags are packed and scared I dont have enough room left for the remainder of what I NEED to take

4. I only get to take 2 bags.

5. Having breakfast with grandparents before take off is confirmed.

6. Positive photos have been chosen from domestic magazines to incorporate into lessons.

7. There’s a lot of un-doing of imagery I want to do.

8. 90 day hair challenge is over, first wash-and-go has been done.

9. Need to start juicing again to get as “healthy” as I can before I leave. HA

10. Visa is here, ticket is booked.

11.I want to find a volleyball team over there

12. I’m more hyped about next years mud fest than actually going to the country.

13. Still need to buy 3597295873498 caramel apple suckers before I leave.

14. Should I take jerk seasoning with me?

15. Babe got me flashcards to start taking hangul learning seriously.

16. He wants to learn it too.

17. pre-orientation is complete and certificate is packed.

18. Need to put all of DJ Ron West mixes on my computer.

19… To be continued…

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