How I’m preparing for the departure

Given everything goes as planned… I will be in South Korea by the end of next month. A few months back I decided to begin preparing for my next year as a kiddie teacher again. I read blog after blog about how principals and co-teachers receive gifts from the GET’s and what not, however, the way its looking now… everybody’s getting unlimited cheddar biscuits on me. “CHEDDAR BISCUITS FOR EVERYBODY!”

But, back when things were smoother on my pockets I decided to take a step ahead and purchase some small things that I thought and hope will go a long way with the kiddies.

I purchased some stickers, had to get spongebob, while they were on clearance and am so glad I did. I also decided to start the loose change bowl. I picked up ALL the loose change I found around the house and in Ronnie’s laundry bag 🙂 and have been soaking them for months. I initially soaked them in alcohol to sterilize and get all the gunk off but it dried up while I was in D.C. and created even more gunk… go figure. So now the coins just sit in water waiting to be put into a bag and distributed to kiddies on the other side of the world as massive and unique rewards for “above and beyond calls of duty.”

How did you/are you preparing for your upcoming teaching gig?

Stickers and change can go a long way

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  1. You will need more stickers! LOL My students went crazy for stickers, especially if I told them that if they got 10 they would get a prize (candy or a pencil or small toy). If they were acting out I threatened to take one of their stickers. Not sure if it will work for kindies (I taught elementary aged) but it got my students in line.

    • Sorry just re-read your post. I read it as kindies teacher not kiddie teacher so I thought you were teaching kindergarten!

  2. breyn86

     /  08/09/2012

    This is so helpful! I’ll be sure to rack up on these items before I depart.


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