4th of you lie

Well, while eating bbq, baked beans and potato salad never hurt anybody… I felt like writing a post about this “holiday” almost everyone gets so hyped up about in the beginning of July here in the states. I find it ironic that July 4th in the U.S. is known as Independence Day however, the indigenous people to the land now referred to as America, REALLY HAD NO INDEPENDENCE then nor do their descendants now. Hell, everybody on this soil in some form or another doesn’t REALlY  know or have freedom/independence but yet people from all over the world flock to this nation because of perception. I find it funny that in all of my years of schooling, I didn’t REALLY know the history of this country until I got to college. It’s sad that so many kids, if they continue through, are taught so many of the wrong things in their elementary and middle school education years. Even secondary years to some degree are tainted, only if you have a progressive and dont give a f*ck teacher or 2 will you learn that everything that is taught is usually not true.

My hope is to educate Koreans about real Black American culture and counter the everlasting negative impressions that are put out into the world about Black Americans a.k.a African Americans. The Obama advancement was great but theres no way 400+ years of negative perceptions and generational teachings can be undone by one man… that pressure is just not fair. So I find it necessary to do my part.

So, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on a day whose history means a lot more than fireworks and charcoal… and I wish you many more… at just as, if not, at a higher level of being free.

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