Didn’t make EPIK Fall 2012

I sat and sat trying to figure out a name for this post. While I’m not sure if this title is true to the sentiment of this post… I hope after reading it, it will make more sense.

This PROCESS of applying to EPIK has been a process to say the least! There is A LOT that goes into it. This has truly been a 7 month journey just to get a plane ticket and step foot on Korean soil. Since January, a portion of my everyday life has been consumed with SOMETHING having to do with South Korea! Even during CELTA, I had at least 1% (because that’s all I could spare) focused on whether I was going to get an email from my recruiter soon and what location would be in the email. Nonetheless, the payoff I believe and hope will be worth it.

Now, for the reason I wanted to write this post. When I started this journey, I sought out as many blogs as I could of people who like me had gone through all of this and were either already in S.K. or were headed there in my same intake. I came across a lot of good ones. I created a bookmark folder dedicated to just blogs EPIK related. I e-met some cool folks like Ana (shoutout) and I also learned a lot from it all.

This morning, after having an internet outage for what seemed like forever 24 hours, I checked all of the blogs for any updates they may have done. Yea, I do that. I’m guilty. And I came across one blog from a young lady who is graduating from USC and has been wanting to become an English language teacher in S.K., Seoul to be exact for at least 5 years. This was her chance to make her short term dream a reality and I was excited for her. I would check her blog to see how her process was coming along and noticed she had applied for her background check in April or May I believe it was. I noticed recently she hadn’t been updating her posts and the same one remained at the top for AT LEAST 1.5 months. Well today I logged onto her site and was welcomed by the Tumblr this page does not exist notification. I reloaded 3 or 4 times as I was sure it was a mistake. After realizing that it wasn’t, I immediately felt sadness for her. At this point, I can only guess something was delayed in her getting all of her documents in time to apply for this intake. Knowing how much she wanted this, I really feel sad for her and wish her ALL success in the future in whatever she ends up doing.

I felt it was necessary to do this post because it was a wake up call to me that those who have been accepted and completed their paperwork on time are quite lucky and no one headed over to S.K. should take this opportunity for granted, look at it as a bullshit year, an excuse to prolong what some people call “real” work, or treat it like you could ever get paid this much + rent+benefits+reimbursement back at home, WHEREVER that may be.

Be happy for your blessings and realize that someone else on this Earth really really really wanted your spot, so do all you can to make your presence not be in vain and a waste of time.

And to those of you who may have come across this blog, by whom this post was inspired, your journey may be leading to something greater than you could have attained being in Korea so go with the flow and learn from whatever lesson this experience may have created.

Much Success

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