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Blog Highlight: Korean Students Speak

While browsing through the Korea related blogs as usual, one day I came across a blog that spoke volumes through the artwork / 1 statement sheets of paper written by Korea’s high school or middle school students. While the description of the blog states the blog itself is a project, I think it speaks to (a) much bigger issue(s) going on with the country and its school-aged children. Much of what you see on the site are honest confessions, feelings, hopes, wishes and frustrations from the hearts of children growing up in a society that FORCES them to over excel regardless if it means no childhood, no fun, and no sleep.

Not even a week ago, I posted a link to yet ANOTHER suicide of a South Korean child. He was 13 and as normally, most teen suicides in Korean are test-related, his was because of Bullying. Yes, there are many pictures on the site about that too!

I won’t say too much more, just have a look for yourself by clicking here and visiting Korean Students Speak.

2012 – 2013 South Korean Holidays

Which translates into… days you MAY have off as a new teacher…


Date Week Day Name
January – 01 Sunday New Year’s Day
January – 22 Sunday Seollal Holiday – Day 1
January – 23 Monday Seollal Holiday – Day 2
January – 24 Tuesday Seollal Holiday – Day 3
March – 01 Thursday March 1st Movement
May – 05 Saturday Children’s Day
May – 28 Monday Buddha’s Birthday
June – 06 Wednesday Memorial Day
August – 15 Wednesday Liberation Day
September – 29 Saturday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 1
September – 30 Sunday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 2
October – 01 Monday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 3
October – 03 Wednesday National Foundation Day
December – 25 Tuesday Christmas Day



Date Week Day Name
January – 01 Tuesday New Year’s Day
February – 09 Saturday Seollal Holiday – Day 1
February – 10 Sunday Seollal Holiday – Day 2
February – 11 Monday Seollal Holiday – Day 3
March – 01 Friday March 1st Movement
May – 05 Sunday Children’s Day
May – 17 Friday Buddha’s Birthday
June – 06 Thursday Memorial Day
August – 15 Thursday Liberation Day
September – 18 Wednesday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 1
September – 19 Thursday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 2
September – 20 Friday Mid-Autumn Festival – Day 3
October – 03 Thursday National Foundation Day
December – 25 Wednesday Christmas Day

YouTube is trippin’


If you’re like me, you couldn’t get a youtube video to show up today. Not sure whats going on, but it’s not my blog not showing you content… it’s our friendly company in San Bruno, CA.

8.7 million cell phones hacked in South Korea

AND on that note (speaking about the previous post) I just learned a very popular cell phone provider was hacked big time, providing the 2 hackers with 1 billion won ($877,000) for a few hours before they got caught.


The company says hackers stole subscribers’ names, phone and personal identification numbers, and then sold the data to telemarketers.

The hackers made an estimated 1bn won (£560,518; $877,000) from the sale.

An illegally installed computer program had collected subscribers’ information over several months, KT Corp said.

“It took nearly seven months to develop the hacking program and [the suspects] had very sophisticated hacking skills,” the company told the Yonhap News agency.

KT is also second biggest mobile operator in South Korea.

The company apologised to its subscribers, promising to “strengthen the internal security system and raise awareness of security among all employees to prevent causing inconvenience to customers,” Yonhap News quoted KT as saying.

Attacks common

In July 2011, South Korea said it had traced the theft of data from 35 million accounts from the Cyworld website and the Nate web portal, both run by SK Communications, to computer IP addresses based in China.

In April 2011, hackers targeted a government-backed bank in South Korea. And in May the same year, data on more than 1.8 million customers was stolen from South Korean consumer finance company Hyundai Capital.

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