Decoration ideas for that soon-to-come “apartment” in Korea

We can ALLL dream right. Now I know most of you are thinking this chic is on shrooms if she thinks this is what we’re gonna get once we hit the mean streets, BUT hear me out.

As a creative myself, I like to draw inspiration from many things. And this room above, while it is very small in its measurements, to the eye it seems to be quite big and comfortable. In this photo I found some ideas to incorporate into your soon-to-come living space.

1. If you can, paint that bitch! Bright colors like white, orange, yellow, peach with other warm tones will help your mood on less than perfect days and will also bring a light aura to the space.

2. Holler at some mirrors. As soon as you can, try and find some mirrors to place in strategic places throughout your space to make the room FEEL larger than we ALL know it will be!

3. ORGANIZE. ORGANIZE. ORGANIZE. Use your suitcases in a creative way as tables w/ a table cloth (see #5), chairs, stands, etc. to make a funky and effective way to use all the space and keep your “stuff” out of the way.

4. Buy a divider. You know the kind you can just stand up and it divides one part of a room from another… yea that! Get one. Most things such as beauty, decoration and even sometimes reality are all illusions, so why not keep the party going and give yourself a sense that you actually have a 1 bedroom with some privacy than a studio.

5. Buy some nice fabric while you’re still home to bring with you to hang as drapes to add some color or a particular vibe you feel most comfortable in.

These are just a few thoughts that came to mind when thinking about how I’m going to give my future space the vibe that I want and need to enjoy my 12 months.

If you have any more ideas, please share them in the comments. Your idea may help someone else more than you know!

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