Is it just me… Vol. 1

I’ve been a part of the Facebook EPIK group for a good few weeks now. And it’s safe to say, there’s quite a bit of a community established there already. I mean, let’s say for instance, I arrive at the airport, tired as all hell, and walking up to the EPIK counter, I see faces of people I know from the FB group. Yes, I believe this would/will DEFINITELY happen.

Which brings me to my first point….

Is it ME, or does anyone else rise raise a brow when they read a msg., comment, blog post, etc. and the spelling and/or grammar is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy OFF?! I mean, we are applying to teach English, right? Okay, just checking. So it baffles me how in the world this can happen so many times. And when I say so many I mean more than once.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for a typo, however, I just feel like if you’re claiming to be an authority on something, you can at least proofread to make sure your ‘ish makes sense. But I guess that’s just me.

This is not a diss post… it’s just an inquiry I wanted to nominate propose to see if anyone else feels me on this.

CIAO for now. Paz

(P.S., I WILL have my locs on at the airport… I just wanna throw that out there NOW.)

(P.P.S., Shout out to the punch people in the face post… sounds so mean, yet is so necessary)

o and Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there reading this.

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  1. Uly

     /  06/26/2012

    You are NOT the only one…


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