E-2 Visa requirements

I swear I thought this whole paperwork ‘ish was done and over with BUT APPARENTLY, I was 100% wrong. Below includes the requirements for the E-2 visa: the visa required to teach foreign language in the republic of korea.

Foreign Language Instructor (E-2)

  • Certificate of academic degree (Diploma)
  • Employment contract
  • Document regarding establishment of school or organization
  • Letter of personal reference notarized
  • Criminal Record (Attatched Apostille) Effective January 1, 2011, the criminal record issued by FBI will be only accepted.
  • Applicant’s Health Statement (See attached)
  • Transcript Certified


NICE. I’m really hoping the CRC, letter of personal reference and diploma can all be copies because IF NOT….

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  1. I think that because EPIK our references, criminal record and diploma etc…… then we don’t have to send those documents in. I think that we just need to provide the documents that we haven’t sent to EPIK.
    I’m in the UK so it’s a little bit different – but here’s hoping that we don’t need all the documents….. again! 😀


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