The G.P.A. scare & the waiting game

It took me a while to write this post even though this happened probably more than a week ago now. I woke up a couple of days after mailing my docs to my recruiter with a very big hunch that my GPA I had reported on my application did NOT match what my actual transcript said. O SHIT!

I left my house without thinking to open one of the 10 copies I had upstairs as back-up and made it to work. Note: I work at least 45 mins. away from my speez. As time (the morning) went on I kept getting more and more worried that I had submitted incorrect information and regardless of the “tadows” and the joy from passing everything up until this point, something inside of me was telling me that this whole thing was over. I called my boyfriend and asked would he be going home at some point and if he was, please call me. OF COURSE him being of the man species actually went home and didn’t call. Later he claims the “I forgot.”

As lunch approached I actually considered driving home just for 1 sheet of paper to drive all the way back to work to have to drive back home at the end of the day. That thought went away quickly.

Finally I’m home, I realize after all that happened that day (this was just the beginning to a HORRENDOUS DAY) that I needed to check this situation out. I opened the trans. and I was right. .2 points LESS than what I had written. #FAIL.COM

I wrote my recruiter and the next day, she wrote back saying, my real GPA was still over the 2.5 requirement so I was okay. Which was nice to hear, but the way I function is like this… until I hear it from JINA at EPIK…. then the answer is still not certain.

FAST FORWARD 2 weeks, I send an email to my recruiter just checking on if more docs are needed from me. (Advice –  Check In! It helps) Received an email this morning letting me know my docs have passed the EPIK screening process and they are now submitting my app. to a Metro. of Edu. Now, with that info. I think okay, I’m going to be in a city if this is the case, but I don’t want to add any unnecessary stress of worrying about where I’m going to be after all of this. Glad, to be passed the intense phases of the show.

So now, like everyone else in my shoes, it’s a waiting game which is GREAT for me because I need to take all of my focus and energy and put towards CELTA which starts in a 1.5 weeks. The journey to getting it all straight continues… thanks for rollin’ with me.

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