Day 1 of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Juice Fast

In preparation for the summer AND my hopeful travels overseas, I felt it was right to try and get my health together beforehand. A few weeks ago, after doing some research I bought some Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics and some vitamineral green food. I have to tell you, that vitamineral stuff is skin magic in a bottle. My skin (and my boyfriend’s) has NEVER looked so smooth, even and beautiful before. SWEAR!

During a trip to L.A. 2 weeks ago, my friend TY told me about “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” how she did a juice fast for a bit of time and lost 16 lbs. so of course I was on it. Once I looked into it, I got motivated although the fear of not eating or chewing scared me a bit. But after seeing youtube videos from people who had done it, their results were STOOOOPID, so I HAD to do it.

I received our juicer in the mail yesterday, OMEGA VERT HD  from Raw and Glow and me and my boyfriend used it last night to make a kale, apple, ginger, celery, cucumber, carrot blend. [This may sounds ronchy, but guys, if you look to ginseng to help you for any reason, there is NO need. Juice from fresh ginger and that’s ALL YOU NEED – True Story!]

Immediately we felt our eyes moved about faster and our sinuses began to clear… crazy.

Today is my OFFICIAL 1st day. I’m doing my first one for 15 days and plan on doing another one in July once the CELTA is complete and I’m back at home.

These are all my ways and suggestions for reaching optimal health before going to another country, where many illnesses occur from new teachers all the time, OR just for anyone looking to get better.

Here’s to DAY 1 – WISH ME LUCK! I need it!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. when ordering from, enter code IV0319 to get $5 off your first purchase. I HIGHLY rec. them. They’re fast and you get major perks.


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