Morning Commute for G.E.T. in South Korea

I’m a stalker. Not a REAL stalker, I couldn’t be a real stalker because I’d be too afraid someone was stalking me while I was stalking. But since starting this whole EPIK process, my internet stalking skills have advanced to a whole new level (“wooooooooo”- Nate Dogg) There’s a So. Cal native named Ashley whose process I’ve been following SINCE DAY WUN!

[Lemme give you a back story because this may be sounding weird… I had no clue about EPIK except that I was extremely interested in learning more. This was back in January. For the next 2 months I searched the internet like a mad fiend for NEW people who were headed to S.K. in the spring. I came across a lot of good info! BTW, search engine BING is better than Google when looking for blogs. So, as of today I have about 7 or so blogs that are in heavy rotation on my frequent check-up schedule for when I get online. Its, my system and it works for me.]

Now back to the lecture at hand…. Hooray for Ashley. She just did an excellent documentary if you will of her morning commute to school. She resides in Daegu and from the looks of it, teaches Elementary. It’s very cool to be able to see tidbits from the actual people like you and me who are already well into their life as a teacher in a new place. Hope you find this as great as I do.

Her blog is

And if you come across this Ashley, Thank You so much. You’ve helped me understand this whole thing known as EPIK a whole ‘lot better. O and BTW, FRESH WATCH. That’s on my b-day wish list.

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