Hey Ignorant Teacher… I thought you only existed in….

Just read a “response” if you want to call it that, to a post written by “All Around Ana” on Waygook inquiring about Muslims teaching in EPIK, GEPIK, S.K. Some genius decided to call himself the Voice of Reason and managed to offend not only ALL MUSLIMS but offend any logical and non-biased person walking on Earth.

Now, I’m not Muslim, and really I don’t have to be to know its as*holes like him who create even more division, prejudice, hate, and everything else in the world which has stymied humans since the beginning from getting along with humans of another “known origin or belief system” to promote the greater good of what we all can be.

I digress…

Thought I’d share his piece of work with my readers just because… Click the link to check out the discussion moving forward. I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

Post from “FAIL”

Hi, I’m sorry to be the voice of reason but you have to ask yourself why you, as a muslim, want to work in a nation like Korea. Obviously you want to impose your beliefs and way of life on the host nation (dietary requirements, not taking the headscarf off for an interview, etc), which to me is simply absurd. I’m not trying to turn this into a political discussion, and I really don’t care to hear the replies from pandering liberals, but I’ll tell you right now that Korean employers (I”m a white Canadian who spent 6 years teaching in Korea by the way) will most likely not take to you if you segregate yourself. And really, why should they. It’s a business after all. I’m just being honest.

Why is it that your primary concern is how you can get a job and how you will be received, because of your religious association, than actually in thinking about the quality of teaching that you can bring to Korean students, or what you can offer a potential employer? Why is it that muslims always think of themselves and not of the culture which is hosting them?

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable teaching in Malaysia or the middle east.

Anyway, I hope whatever path you choose finds you success.



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  1. Maggie Smith

     /  04/30/2012

    Is it terrible that I was almost relieved this was a Canadian instead of an American? Okay, jokes aside, I’m surprised they thought they could veil their bigotry with “whichever path you choose I hope you find success” when clearly this it not the case. I really hope this person isn’t already teaching in Korea…just shameful.

  2. EvilToast

     /  04/30/2012

    Hi, as a Muslim let me set the record straight. Muslims are not allowed to convert or impose their beliefs on anyone, this is what the Holy Quaran says. We are however, required to explain our beliefs when asked. Given I am a guy and don’t need to wear a scarf, but I’m friends with a Muslim woman who taught in South Korea for 4 years (wearing her scarf). Soooo yeah.. Jokes on you “g”.

  3. Reblogged this on All Around Ana and commented:
    I‘d like to express how appreciated all of the responses are to my Waygook questions. They help me to paint a well-rounded picture of a Korean work environment. I see g’s negative response to me as a blessing in disguise. Since g’s response, I have received a few very supportive responses and private messages encouraging me to continue to pursue a Korean position, I even learned of some other hijabified ladies teaching English in korea!
    Here is the blog BELTA posted in response to my forum topic and g’s answer:


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