The price you pay – Sending documents to S. Korea

SO, this morning I have, in hand, EVERY single document for what I need to send to my recruiter for EPIK, down to the CELTA acceptance email and extension date email.

I did a bit of research yesterday for how much it would cost me to send this joint to Korea. O, what amazement I experienced when the guy said “$93.” I think I was in shock for a minute so I couldn’t say anything but just write down the horrendous numbers he kept spewing out of his mouth. He went on to say Intern. Priority was a flippin’ $141. I wanted to scream but I was at work and I didn’t feel like explaining that one.

For some ODD reason, I thought I would be able to pop this bad boy in the mail with a gang of first class stamps and be done with it, however, there’s a reason there were so many FedEx airplanes at the port when I was traveling this past weekend, it’s because people like me are paying for it. I shouldn’t be upset about this, but I am. I have no schillings to spend on postage… I have a rabbit and a man to feed.

I digress…

Today I will be mailing off my documents to Korvia Consulting with a deep prayer that they make it there in one piece and QUICKLY. I even took the pleasure of double packing the docs because I’ll be damned if after all this they get jacked up due to the natural elements or some other frivolous mistake.

I pray I will have a happy face post by next Wednesday with news it was received and is 100% correct. After all this, I surely hope so.


Follow Up post FedEx run – it cost me $79.06, int. econ. gets there Mon if customs acts right!

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