RushDocs review – How to Apostille documents FAST!!!

I found out about RushDocs through a couple of postings on and decided since I would get my CBC back a week before my interview with EPIK, I would DEFINITELY need some kind of assistance with getting this apostille thing to make it all complete.

In my search, I researched at least 3 other document rushing businesses also posted on ‘gook. However, I chose against those because their websites were too cluttered and in my taste looked too corporate. was straight to the point and was simple, which always helps in a long and drawn out process such as applying to EPIK.

I sent an email inquiring about (i forgot) but I received a direct response via email a few hours later. NICE!


Monday – paid for the service online via their site

Tuesday- mailed my documents to RushDocs (via regular USPS mail)

Thursday – received email confirmation they were received

Friday – received confirmation they were on their way back to me

Monday – received documents in hand!

Exactly, 7 days from payment to receipt back in MY hand. I recommend RushDocs to ANYONE looking to get their docs apostilled QUICKLY!!!!!

The total cost to apostille both my diploma and CBC was about $85.00. Which is great if you’re like me who thinks time is money. Now, once I take these passport photos and copy the received documents, the plan is to get this application packet off to my recruiter tomorrow. Let’s see how it all pans out.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a good source with all, i appreciate your efforts taken for the same. I found this worth sharing and must share this with all.


  2. is an Apostille and Embassy Legalization service that exclusively caters to students who are in need of the Diploma Authentication and Apostille Certification.

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    embassy legalization

  3. Hi, I see you used RushDocs. I’ve tired to contact them by email and phone and only got an answering machine and unanswered emails. When you used them, how did you contact them and how did the charge you?


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