Update: EPIK Interview for Fall 2012 placement

This is for all of my fellow applicants out there who went through recruiters (and not) to receive placement this summer through EPIK…

FACT – I received notification from my recruiter that I have an interview scheduled for this Wednesday night.

FACT – My application was submitted on April 3rd, the second day of accepted applications

FACT – There are already people who have interviewed and have been accepted (they applied directly)

FACT – EPIK received “over 697” applications through recruiters

FACT – EPIK is accepting a total of 600 applicants for this FALL

FACT – out of the 600 they are taking, 400 will come from recruiters

FACT – If you haven’t heard back yet, don’t torture your self by going on waygook.org and reading posts from people who have already passed this phase… it will consume you. Avoid putting that energy out there and have faith your interview is coming.

FACT – Once you get an interview, dress up as if it were in person. It’ll help your mind accept the seriousness of it all.

FACT – This past Spring they accepted at least 30% more applicants than they are looking for now.

FACT – Just because you passed the interview, it means NOTHING until they have your COMPLETED and TANGIBLE applicant package IN HAND.

FACT – There’s no cut off date, they will accept applications until all slots are filled (which means, they will accept people until they have 600 paper application packets in their office and placed in MOE’S and POE’s)

FICTION – No one recruiter is better than the other. They all differ and have different attributes and perks of their own.

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  1. Congrats on your interview, and goodluck.
    I with I new your *fiction statement. I assumed all of the 6 approved recruiters would be the same. 😦
    here’s my review of footprints recruiting: http://allaroundana.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/review-of-footprints-recruiting-epik-2012/


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