Changes to the EPIK Fall 2012 Application process

1.     There are no location preferences available. You can only choose among Metropolitan city, Province and Flexible!


2.     All applicants must create a lesson plan!


3.     If you are an EPIK experienced candidate, you’re supposed to check it and write orientation time and the place you have taken.

If you are S.M.O.E experienced candidate, you supposed to apply S.M.O.E office directly.

(not allowed use recruiting company service)

4.     The due date of TESOL certificate is June 20th, 2012


5.     Questions No. 12 ~ 20 on application form, Must be “yes” answered if you are S.M.O.E candidates


6.     Personal essay’s should be written minimum 500 words, Maximum 800 words


7.     There are only elementary school positions available in the 2012 September S.M.O.E program


8.     If you are a Male citizen who holds dual citizenship, then you must get the official waiver from

Korean military manpower administration that you have exempt obligation of Korean military service.


9.     We do not have numbers of the positions, but we do expect there will be 400 positions available,

There are only 6 recruiting company has been selected this year of which Korvia is the only

agency based in South Korea.


Approved Recruiting Agencies for EPIK Fall 2012








Please take note if you’re applying for Fall. They start taking apps April 1st.

Drop it Low Choreography via South Korea


(Choreography by Jihye Choi)

Daegu EPIK Teacher Kyle shares a video of 2nd graders taking speaking pop-quiz

I know I don’t give you much access to my classroom or school for privacy reasons, but I have a little treat for you today.  On Friday I conducted a little speaking test with my 2nd grade students.  These students are 7 or 8 years old American age.  None of them were aware that the test was going to happen.  They didn’t know what the questions would be, and they didn’t have any sort of visual cue to help them respond.  It was purely listening and speaking.  The English curriculum doesn’t start for students in Korea until the 3rd grade.  That is when they start to learn the basics, and then the alphabet in the 2nd half of the 3rd grade.  The 2nd grade students at my school get to start English early because the school is so small and there are more opportunities for the native teacher (me) to teach them.  None of these students have an English speaking parent, attend an English academy, etc.  Keep in mind that these kids are seven years old.  Let’s go!

I smiled during the entire video!

Visit his blog,

From reading his blog the whole way through, he’s got some very innovative thoughts in teaching and his optimistic and positive demeanor inspire future EPIK teachers such as myself. Thanks Kyle