Tyra Banks gets MBA from Harvard

I felt this was a BIG Newsworthy story to post on BELTA. Model and Entrepreneur Tyra Banks graduated with her Business Degree from Harvard Business School. I am very proud and thankful – a true role model. Regardless of the fame and monetary fortune she has accumulated, she still went after her educational goals to fulfill what I believe was an internal goal and challenge of self-fulfillment. Something that is CRUCIAL for all young men and women to see. To see someone already making and living the American Dream to value learning and a continued strive to achieve new goals is a great thing to see and a big motivation to myself if no one else. Thank you Tyra! WERK!

Tyra Banks in class, getting it DONE!

Tyra at her now Alma Mater, Harvard Business School

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  1. Hey there!

    My name is Yusuf and I’m working for Love and Achievement LLC, a 10-person start-up company providing lifestyle, career, and business coaching for high-potential Millennials. I was researching blogs in our niche when I came across your insightful blog

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    Here’s the link to the webinar details: http://kaneisha.com/time

    Please let us know what you think by contacting me at Yusuf@kaneisha.com


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