EPIK Fall 2012 Application

Information Straight from the Horse’s mouth…

The EPIK website informs they will not begin accepting applications for the Fall intake of this year UNTIL April 1st which translates to 7:01 pm USA Time on March 31st. (the 14 hour time difference is something to keep in mind)

If you wish to apply directly through EPIK, send an email to epik@mest.go.kr with your name and primary citizenship to get on the list for updates, etc.

RE-MEM-BER, if you plan to go through an agency, DO NOT contact EPIK or apply through them. That is the quickest way to get denied.

Today, I found out the process of selecting only 6 agencies to represent for the Fall bagan today with them submitting their own application. The day the 6 agencies will be chosen will be on March 22nd. I am on the lookout to see who the 6 legit comps are and I will surely post it here.

In the meantime, get your CRC off for approval, get the diploma notarized, ask 2 folks for your rec. letters and keep everything in its own folder to stay worry and stress free come time for the ball to roll.

If you’re seeking more detailed info about the steps for the CRC process, click here it’s the most simplified way I’ve found so far.

Want to see the posting about Fall 2012 for yourself, click here, go to NOTICE > WHAT’S NEW > FALL 2012 Applications

(And for those who have no clue what EPIK is, knock yourself out!)

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