First step on my career path: CELTA

 My first post on a blog that will – if all goes as planned – follow me through the beginning stages of my chosen career path and travel with me all across the world! I thought I would begin this blog with a post about the first and very major step I’m taking, and that’s taking the CELTA course. For anyone looking into becoming an English Language Teacher, I would suggest looking into the CELTA to find out what it’s all about. After many many MANY hours of online research, I figured out this was a MUST if I were to truly call myself an ELT at any point in life. Since then, I have applied, interviewed and received a spot in the course. I have about 2 months before my time begins and I am looking forward to it like no other. The juicy posts about my experience won’t come for a month or two, but I just wanted to get on the map (a.k.a. internet) in case there was someone like me out there searching for helpful information and advice.

For more info. about the CELTA, check out and GOODLUCK!!!

*Update: check out my ESL channel on YouTube for Videos from my CELTA experience: Type in “Beltalove” to visit my channel

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